Vijayawada Ibrahimpatnam Krishna Andhra Pradesh 521456
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The vision and the visionary of Swami Dayanand Saraswathi came into existence  in the different parts of the world to inculcate or imbibe the moral values to nurture the  educational disciplines of Davites with a humble beginning of first D.A.V. by Mahatma  Hansraj. The way of pervading its fragrance came to Dr. N.T.T.P.S., Ibrahimpatnam (  near Vijayawada )  Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh on 20 – 07 -  1987. Since then the 
establishment has began its value education by moulding the laurels of  D.A.V. as  esteemed personalities in every field and in every state of the world. During these 28  years, our school has a record of producing cent percent results. Our school produced many sports men in cricket and in athletics. We have an excellent team with 46 teaching, 2 non teaching and 13 ministerial staff. We have an exceptional computer lab with 22 computers with L.E.D. Monitors being connected with LAN and internet. Our school is also enhancing to excel the performance of the students through the smart boards for every class and section. To attain the  be - fitting physique and defense to our students , our school is conducting Marshal Arts Classes for our students. To enhance the creativity and the concentration along with the development of positive attitude we are conducting Yoga Classes every morning in the school. As a principal from 2009 in this institution I inherited the culture of D.A.V. in 
performing havans and also executing the principles of Arya Samaj in each and every student with the educational excellence.  We are reciting every day in the prayer 
” as our present president D.A.V.C.M.C., 
Shri. Punam Suriji’s instruction in the Principal’s conference on    01-10-2015 to  03-10-2015 to incarnate our students with high moral attitude.